Honda Civic


The spirit of racing has been running through Honda’s pipelines and powertrain since the era of its great grandfathers. With MUGEN, The All-New Civic can relive and bask in its ancestors’ glory of being kings of the road.


Show off both aesthetics and aerodynamics with MUGEN’s All-New Civic exterior enhancements. Secure your front, sides, and rear as you dash through the streets fast and gorgeous having these:


Get full control of The New Civic while feeling the sensation of driving a fearsome racing car at the same time. Complement the grand exterior with a more breath-taking interior with the help of MUGEN.



With The New Civic 2.0 EL MUGEN engine displacement, you are sure to get the attention as you drive past other cars on the freeway. Learn the basics of speed and velocity first-hand with MUGEN


Have a nice safe drive with your family and friends with The New Civic’s state-of-the-art safety features. Its premium interior comes with new leather seats, side curtain and side airbags, and Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA).